Donated Books

A donation of 11 books marks our partnership with the African Community Learning Program.  We are proud to support their efforts to create a library of Empowering African Stories.

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We March in February

Since 1976 the month of February has been dedicated to celebrating achievements by black Americans. Black History Month is here and A Book a Day is adding some wonderful new children’s books to acknowledge the kids who walked the streets of Birmingham in 1963 (We’ve Got a Job) and the Summer Freedom Workers of 1964 in Mississippi. Through our reading this month, we March with John Lewis.

Reading changes us and we are reading about change.

Join us in celebrating Black History Month with a book.


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Happy New School Year.

We are starting the year with a special celebration of comic books and other titles from Flying Eye Books and NoBrow. It turned out to be far too difficult to choose only 8 books from these wonderful publishers, so we are adding 20 new titles instead. We love the biography series, such as Audubon, on the Wings of the World, Einstein, and Shackleton’s Journey. And the comic book variety also turned out to be far too tempting.

A Book a Day would like to thank Flying Eye Books and NoBrow for bringing such fantastic books to our kids. We will continue featuring publishers whose titles are consistently intriguing.

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